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We have a broad range of strategies which invest across numerous markets including the following:



Tellworth Investments
TM Tellworth UK Smaller Companies

An unconstrained, UK long only small-cap strategy with a focus on stocks with £100-500m market cap. It only invests in companies that are UK registered and UK listed, using a fundamental bottom up research approach which has been proven over 15 years.

TM Tellworth UK Select

A low net UK equity long/short fund that combines bottom up stock picking with a data driven business cycle approach, focused on UK companies greater than £500m market cap.

TM Tellworth UK Income and Growth

A monthly distributing, unconstrained, UK equity income fund that invests across the market with a large and mid cap bias. Using alternative data for both macro and fundamental stock picking, the fund has a strong valuation, cashflow and dividend growth discipline.

Schroder UK Dynamic Absolute Return Strategy

A fundamental, bottom up, UK all cap long/short equity strategy with a small and mid-cap bias. It has a 15-year proven track record.



Tellworth Investments
HI European Market Neutral

A low net, large cap pan European equity long/short fund with a fundamental, bottom up stock selection process complemented by multi-factor screens aiming to capture growth acceleration and industry changes.



Global listed infrastructure


Global listed real estate


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